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Community Growth
Community Activation
Social Media Designs
Marketing Oriented Development
Fractionalized CMO

After years of experience we have found a way to grow project's exposure without the need for extremely expensive and ineffective Influencers and PR campaigns, we can get your project all the visibility it needs by simply collaborating with existing Web3 projects communities, ofcourse it still implies to have an awesome product with a valuable proposition for web3 individuals, but if that's covered then we have what it takes to get as much visibility as you need.

On launch of the campaign we will engage most Web3 communities in order to organize collaborations with them, it will usually imply to come up with an NFT collection, no need for PFPs, all it needs is to have some utility.

For Example:

For a service it Can be an NFT which offers lifetime access to your platform or a pass which allows users to utilize your platforms with lower fees, or anything which increases the fundamental value of the NFT etc..

For a Cryptocurrency project it can be an NFT which will entitle the users to receive an airdrop, whenever the airdrop is released, or access to a referral system where they alone can earn by referring etc..

For a web3 Game it can be in-game assets or anything else you may have in mind etc...

Once we have the utilities, we will begin approaching communities to organize as many alphabot collabs as possible giving away Whitelists for said NFT, being that we know most communities we are able in a very short amount of time, to grow the Discord community and the Twitter following. Besides providing thousands of engagements under every tweet the projects makes in the process.

Aimed at energizing and engaging a project's community members to foster participation, collaboration, and advocacy within decentralized networks or platforms. This concept is crucial in Web3 ecosystems, where community support and interaction can significantly impact the success and adoption of decentralized applications (dApps), tokens, NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens), and other blockchain-based projects.

After we succesfully achieved step 1, we will maximize the community engagements via the twitter tab on DIscord, for the project and it's founders twitters, plus we will set up zealy campaigns, creating sprints and quests with monthly/quarterly rewards, in order to have the community participating and engaging on the necessary social media channels and posts. We will also set up within our discord Alphabot giveaways with external projects, giving away their whitelists to our community, to maximize further twitter engagement opportunities under your project's tweets, this also helps in providing an additional utility to increase user retention within the project's discord.

Visual and interactive elements tailored for social media platforms to engage and communicate with the decentralized and tech-savvy communities involved in blockchain, cryptocurrency, NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens), and other decentralized projects. These designs are not only meant to catch the eye but also to convey complex Web3 concepts in an accessible and engaging manner.

Our Professional in-house designer will make sure that each social media post is designed to extremely high standards whilst respecting the branding of the project, to communicate the message in the most professional and hyped way. Our team will be glad to discuss together and assist with a content calendar which is appealing and FOMO oriented, to make sure we are always relevant and increase the hype build up on every single tweet we make. 

Once the new tweet is live, our collab manager will divert all existing plus future collabs engagements to it, in order to maximize in organic reach and momentum to increase the exposure for it as much as possible.

Marketing Oriented Software Development (MOSD) emphasizes creating software with built-in marketing functionalities that encourage user growth, retention, and active participation. This approach leverages the decentralized and often token-based economy of Web3 to incentivize behaviors that benefit both the users and the platform.


We are able to create of Dapps which further activate participation from the community we have gathered in order to grow exponentially, immagine if you could turn your hard earned community members in active referrers, either by rewarding them directly with token allocation or simply by dropping them rare NFTs, we are firm believers in meritocracy and if the product you are providing really adds value to the Web3 ecosystem, this marketing strategy can really go a long way, if not be the game-changer on its own.

For every project the strategy and approach will be different, we can definitely assist in finding the right match for yours.

AMAs are where project founders, developers, or team members engage directly with their community or other communities by answering questions in real-time. These sessions are pivotal for transparency, community building, and trust-building within the decentralized and often opaque landscape of blockchain and cryptocurrency projects.


Whilst we are planning collabs and discussing details with other projects collab managers, whenever we think the project is a good fit and is popular enough, we will plan with them an AMA, we can provide an average of 1 AMA every 15 days, but it can be much more in certain seasons. We do reccomend founders to participate in AMAs as it increases credibility and transparency, possibly the most bullish element of a project are it's Founders.

Fractionalized Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) represents an innovative approach to integrating marketing leadership into blockchain projects, startups, or platforms on a part-time, shared, or fractional basis. This model allows multiple projects to benefit from the expertise of a seasoned marketing professional without committing to a full-time position. It's particularly useful in the fast-paced, budget-conscious Web3 ecosystem, where strategic marketing expertise is crucial for growth, user acquisition, and community engagement but might not require or afford a full-time executive position.

If needed we will be personally at your disposal Throughout all the decision making and planning processes, be it a weekly brainstorming call or more if needed, we opted for the business model of delivering great results for the most competitive rates, this makes it so that we do everything we can to turn most clients into a success and long term GIG.

48 hours


14 days


45 days


How do we get to know you?

Discovery Call
step 01
Technical Call
step 02
Budget Call
step 03

We explore your business, goals, pain points, and priorities. This session helps us map out your idea and see whether we are the right partner for you.

We need to ensure that all pending questions surrounding your project are answered. Our experienced team will join to make sure everyone is on the same page about key objectives.

Once we have a clear understanding of your project, we will present a project proposal within 72 hours. The proposal will describe key objectives, break the project into milestones, and pre-allocate the resources working on the project.